Identification: The Africanized Honey Bee is a hybrid of one of the several european honey bee subspecies (apis mellifera mellifera, A.m.carnica, A.m.caucasia, or A.m.linguica) and the African Honey Bee (Apis mellifera scutellata).. The Africanized Honey Bee, more popularly known as the "killer" bee, has the general appearance of the more temperamental European Honey Bee (Apis mellifera).

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Mar 29, 2019  · africanized honey bees (AHB) have earned the alternative name of "killer bees" due to their aggressive nature. A hybrid of honey bees that were interbred by a biologist in Brazil in the late 1950s, Africanized honey bees have spread from Brazil south to Argentina, throughout Central America and north into the lower sections of the United States.

Beekeeping - Splitting an Angry Hive (Africanized Bees?) Not all Africanized hives display the typical hyper-defensive behavior, which may provide bee breeders a point to begin …

Jun 16, 2016 … africanized bees as a threat haven't really been newsmakers since the 1990s, but here they are, reminding us that, well, they're not going …

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The africanized honeybee dubbed by the media as killer bees, is a cross between the European honeybee and honeybees from Africa. There are no known records of ancient beekeeping in Africa; the historical practice of beekeeping in Africa is relatively new compared to Europe.

The African honeybee is one of these subspecies, native to most of the central and southern parts of Africa. Its sting is no more dangerous than other bees, but its behavior is unusual: It is much more aggressive than other bees, with a tendency to pursue and send many attackers after any …

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Although Africanized killer bees look like honeybees, they are far more dangerous. Learn more about killer bee stings, nests, and how to identify them.