Animal Control

Animals can be great, when appropriately located.

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Are you dealing with something a little bigger than your average pest?

There are a number of small animals that love to find homes among people. This wouldn’t be a problem if they didn’t bring with them the danger of physical harm or nasty diseases.

If you are currently suffering with a small animal invading your property give us a call immediately.

We have experience and professionalism that won’t be beat. Whether you’re needing to get rid of a raccoon, remove a skunk, or expel an opossum, we’re the animal control team for you!

Animals shouldn’t be able to invade our homes but they also shouldn’t be harmed in their ignorance.

We offer humane options when dealing with animal pests. We can and will remove your unwanted guests safely, for you and for them. We work hand in hand with local environmental agencies to make sure the animals are placed in safe environments where they can thrive, a little further away from people.

Our animal control services include;

  • A Skilled Technician Evaluating the Situation
  • Safe Capture and Removal of the Animal
  • A Satisfaction Follow Up to Ensure 100% Satisfaction

We can remove; Raccoons, Skunks, Opossum, Snakes, Birds.

Why choose us?

  • We can be on your doorstep at short notice – weekdays or weekends, from early mornings right through to late evenings
  • We will thoroughly examine your property and assess the problem
  • We are professional, humane and safe
  • We are Fully certified
  • We have the highest standard of quality with negotiable rates

To find out more about our Animal Control Services, please call us.