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Do you have an ant problem in your home? There are a few ways to get rid of ants. Spraying the ants or bait them. Now before you get into which treatment is correct, knowledge of your enemy is always best.

There are several types of ants out there including; Pavement Ants, Thief Ants, Pharaoh Ants, Crazy House Ants, Carpenter Ants, and Argentine Ants. It is best to know which type of ant is in your home, so that you can learn their habits, where they like to live, and how to eliminate them.

There are two primary ways ants will get in your home.

  • Ants will have a colony outside of your home and come inside your home or business to forage for food.
  • Ants will have a colony inside your home or office within the walls, floor or roof, then they will also forage within your home or office for food.

When dealing with an ant problem, the best way to handle it is to supply a bait to the ant colony. Ants are social creatures and follow each other with pheromone trails, when one ant discovers food, multiple ants will follow that ant’s trail to the food and bring it back to the colony. An ant bait will feed the ants a delicious serving of poison.

Ant baits work well because if the ants are close enough to their colony they will feed the queen and all the other workers, soldiers and drones. This leads to a killing off of the colony and a victorious home owner or office manager. However, if treatment is not done properly, the ants may realize a lot of their colony is dying off and they may scatter and start a new nests. This can also cause the problem to become worse.

Simple ways to prevent ants from entering a home or office are as follows;

– Remove any food or crumbs from kitchen or eating areas
– Vacuuming the carpet in the living room where you may have had popcorn while watching a movie
– Taking out the trash regularly
– Washing all dishes and not leaving food in the sink overnight
– Ensuring that all entryways via wiring, piping, doorways and windows into the home are sealed

Fighting against an ant colony can be overwhelming at times, if not handled properly the ants can increase in number, spread, and become a serious problem. A professional from Quad City Pest Control will be able to determine which type of ant is causing the issue, develop a treatment plan, and treat the home, office, or yard. We can also promise utmost customer satisfaction by following up and ensuring the problem is taken care of.

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