Black with reddish orange abdomen, two large yellow spots. The larva is a hairless, legless white grub with a brown head, no eyes, one-segmented antennae, …

Nov 14, 2012 … Keep an eye out for the Blue-winged Wasp in your own yard. Remember they are beneficial, but beware that large numbers of them may …

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Aug 18, 2016 … Have you seen this wasp flying over the landscape about 12” above the ground, circling in a mass of its fellow wasps?

Blue-winged Wasp, Scolia dubia Hunting For Grubs. Leading Pest Control Company since 1939, FREE home inspection 1-888-888- home. Pest control services, bed bug removal and extermination services.

Feb 8, 2018 … This page details the blue-winged wasp including size, territorial reach and … Descriptors: spots, fuzzy, buzzing, stinging, flying, helpful.

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Scolia dubia, also known as the blue-winged wasp, is a 2.0–2.5-centimeter (0.8– 1.0 in) long wasp that ranges from New England to Florida and west to the …

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