Cockroaches! In my kitchen! Please help!

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I have a cockroach problem! Please help me I need to know how to get rid of cockroaches! This is something that many people deal with, and it’s not easily overcome. Cockroaches have nests, usually in small hard to reach places. The two main types of cockroaches that you will find in your home in North America are American cockroaches and German cockroaches.

Cockroaches can live anywhere from one to two years, they can reproduce fast and unfortunately are very good at spreading dangerous microorganisms and diseases. When dealing with a cockroach problem it is best to handle it quickly and permanently.
It is possible to get over the counter sticky tape, which will get them stuck and they eventually die. Baits are another option, which cockroaches can then bring back to their nest, die, and the live cockroaches that feed on the corpse of the dead ones will also be poisoned from it as well.

Some simple ways to fight cockroaches;

  • Eliminate food sources by cleaning very well
  • Seal any possible entryways into a home or office
  • Clean hard to reach places such as underneath furniture or behind appliances

The danger with do it yourself pest control is, baits, sticky tape and other insecticides can be dangerous, harmful, or ineffective. It is highly recommended to seek out professional help when dealing with cockroaches for a safe, efficient, and permanent solution to your issue.

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