It's common knowledge that termites eat wood, but do they actually prefer certain types of wood over others? Could the wood in your home be attracting these …

Termites can eat cedar but they tend to stay away from it because cedar wood has resin and oil that tends to repel them. Some scientists have even found that these resins are toxic to the termites that decide to ingest them.

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What's In This Guide? Why Do Termites Like Wood? Will Termites Eat Concrete? Will termites eat plastic? Will termites eat cedar? Will Termites Eat Bamboo?

Termites & Cedar. Termites have a bad reputation because they eat wood. … Scientists have found that the dark part of the wood contains a chemical that subterranean termites prefer not to eat. Scientists discovered that cedar also contains a chemical that subterranean termites do not like. They found that if the subterranean termites had a …

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Do Termites Eat Cedar? Will termites eat cedar? cedar is a type of wood that is somewhat naturally resistant to termites. These pests will stay away from cedar at first, however, this won’t always be the case.

Termites tend to NOT eat cedar because cedar resins are toxic to them. However over time this resin becomes weaker and cedar becomes less resistant to…

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