Everything You Need To Know About Termites

Everything you need to know about drywood termite treatment Having drywood termites on your Phoenix property could end up putting your home at risk. These termites can cause serious damage over time, especially if infestations are left alone.

Apr 16, 2017 … Here are the 8 questions you should be asking so you can be … 8 Things You Should Know About Termites … What do termites look like?

Everything you wanted to know…and more. By Adam Villareal. After being in the Pest Control and Termite Control industry for longer than I'd care to admit, I've …

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Aug 9, 2015 … In this post, we'll introduce you to these tiny terrors, tell you how you can identify termites, and relay all the basics you should know about them.

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These are winged termites that erupt by the hundreds in the spring in search of a mate and an opportunity to start a new colony. When you see two winged insects crawling together, or a cloud of winged insects, take a close look and determine whether they are ants or termites. Ants have swarms too. Visibly damaged wood.

Here are the best ways to prevent termites in your home. You can: Avoid creating moist places and leaving wood on the ground. Treat wood with protection. Keep up with maintenance around your home. Reduce the amount of wood near your home. Use screens on your attic and foundation walls. Don’t leave cardboard boxes filled with paper sitting around.

Termites: Signs and prevention tips Everything you need to know about termites 1. mating flight. The lifecycle of the termite begins with a mating flight where reproductive males… 2. Eggs. The fertizilized queen will lay her eggs, after which pale white larvae will hatch from… 3. Molting. Eggs hatch into larvae will develop into …

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