Bubbling and discoloration similar to water damage on your ceilings. Any areas of buckling or sagging in your ceilings. Mounds of what look like tiny wood pellets (termite fecal matter known as "frass") in your attic and/or underneath your rafters may indicate a drywood termite infestation.

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A termite colony can seriously weaken these materials, and in extreme cases it can even cause enough damage to trigger a complete roof collapse. In the aftermath of a termite infestation or other forms of significant wood damage, call the roofing experts at Tom Byer Roofing Service.

Drywood Termite Attic and Soffit Vent Liquid Treatment. Termite Structural Damage. In an average year, termites are responsible for $1 billion to $2 billion in property damage. Most of this damage is not covered by standard homeowner insurance policies. Termite infestations commonly go undetected until obvious signs of …

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The Question About The Sentricon Baiting System Termite bait systems draw termites away from the home and poision infestations in the home to quickly knockdown and control termites. protect your home with our termite bait … sentricon® system. Sentricon Termites. Top of Sentricon® Station Termites feeding on the bait inside. … Commonly asked questions about Sentricon®. Corteva Agriscience™ is the agricultural division

Termite Attic Damage. In most cases, subterranean termites must be in contact with soil to receive the moisture they need to survive. However, the Formosan termite – an exotic species of subterranean termite – is an exception to the rule. Formosan termites can build aboveground nests, called cartons, inside walls and attics when there is enough moisture in the wood.

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