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Termites are a huge issue in any home or office. They are an essential part of nature as they break down wood into nutrients for soil which is part of the natural process of decomposition however, your home shouldn’t be turned into soil while you’re living in it.

There are multiple types of termites. The type of termite that you’re dealing with will effect the type of treatment you will need. Termite infestations are usually discovered between March and May when they fly away from their nest in massive swarms to begin new nests.
Termites are a problem because they cause thousands and thousands of dollars worth of damage every year. They’re bad for people because while you are paying off one of your life’s largest investments they are silently destroying it.

Termites, when they are ready to breed grow wings and fly in massive swarms. In nature they will just fall to the ground lose their wings find a mate and try to start a new colony. In your home it is an experience quite like that of a horror movie. The simplest treatment during this is vacuuming. However this is a sure sign that you have an infestation.

Currently there are a few forms of treatment for a termite infestation;

  • Spraying
  • Dusting
  • Baiting
  • Spot Treatment

There are also different types of insecticides to consider;

  • Repellents are detectable by the termites and can be lethal or non-lethal
  • Non-repellents are not detectable by the insect and are always lethal to the termite

A professional will generally spray the lawn around the home with a product which will stop the termites from being able to return to the soil, where their colony is, and therefore slowly diminish their colony. Baiting is used in some situations as part of a treatment. This can be either paper or cardboard that contains a small amount of a slow-acting lethal chemical. The termites will then bring the food back to their colony and slowly kill off more. Again this is usually used only as part of a larger treatment plan.

When speaking with a professional spot treatments are an option however most experienced pest control technicians will suggest a plan for the entire home and lawn. The last thing you want to do after spending a lot of money on removing termites is to find more.
Our advice, is to take your time to find the right pest control service. Termites eat at a very slow rate, take your time to find the right professional. You want someone that will get it taken care of the first time.

Keep in mind even if you hire a professional, treatment may last a few years. There is no guarantee that the pests won’t come back, due to the fact that your home is dealing with a living creature, not a problem like fixing plumbing or electrical wiring.

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