Not only do they hurt real bad, they can be lethal.

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How to get rid of wasps? This is a very common question for homeowners and office managers. Wasps are different than bees because they tend to be more aggressive, feed off of insects, have slender bodies, and no hair on their bodies. There are many different types of wasps such as yellow jackets, wasps, and hornets.

Due to the fact that these insects can be very aggressive and, in the case of an allergy, deadly it is highly recommended to seek professional help to eliminate the problem.

A professional will be able to identify the type of insect, and determine the best treatment. If a yellow jacket or certain hornets that burrow in the ground, a dusting treatment may be chosen. If a social wasp such as the paper wasp or mud dauber is identified, a spray insecticide may be used followed by the removal of the nest and a residual insecticide applied where the nest was in case workers come back to rebuild the nest.

Common nesting areas for wasps and hornets are;

  • On homes, behind shutters or under awnings
  • In trees hanging on branches
  • On play sets or fence posts
  • Inside piles of stacked wood or hollowed out tree trunks
  • Yellow jackets will burrow underground, check mulch in gardens and your lawn

Due to how dangerous and potentially deadly hornets or wasps nest can be, professional help should be sought out. It will be handled safely and effectively.

Quad City Pest Control can quickly and affordable remove any wasps or hornets from your property and give you good advice to keep your living space pest free.

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