Termite prevention and defense starts with this checklist. Here are some prevention tips to show you how to prevent termites from entering your new or existing home.

In reality, winter, or cold weather, has nothing to do with termites entering homes. Let's discuss some conditions that might attract termites to your home, as well …

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Dec 25, 2017 … You may be doing things that could attract termites from your home. Follow this post to check for any actions you may be able to take to protect …

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Termites have a voracious appetite and can destroy an entire house before anyone even knows they are there. These insects can feast on your home for 5 years before any damage is actually visible.

Apr 4, 2017 … You might not know it but things you're doing might be attracting termites to your home. The Termite Boys Boston.

How To Kill Termites And Get Rid Of Them Forever What exactly attracts termites to your property? Does mulch … It's hard to prevent a home termite infestation if you don't know what draws them to your property.

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Most people think they know what attracts termites. Wood of course. … You may have to regrade the layer of soil near your homes foundation to achieve this.

What attracts cockroaches? cockroaches are attracted to moisture, dark shelter and foods in the form of crumbs and garbage. Learn what attracts cockroaches.

Overview of factors that cause termites to occupy homes or infest structures. … While all termites are attracted to wood, they each have specific preferences.